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About Us

It is no secret that the economy is in a tough spot right now and that requires tough planning. We do not have the luxury of “hoping things will change” or waiting for those changes. If your team is off by just one degree you will not reach your destination in time or maybe even at all. Imagine leaving New York City and your final destination is San Francisco. If you took off on your journey and were “off” in your planning by just a small degree, you might end up in San Diego. Business and personal planning is the same way……you need to be ON all the time. There is no room for being “off” course.

Time to Motova8 yourself and your employees. The Motova8 consulting process dramatically changes production through a system of 8 steps.

  • Mental Toughness - FOCUS on what is the most important item right now!
  • Opportunity - Capitalize on the outcome, but never use people to get there
  • Training - Mental, physical and on-the-job.
  • Obstacles - They will happen, how will you deal with them?
  • Values - Who cares about values? Tony does and so should you. Find out why.
  • Attitude - Attitude is the heartbeat of the program. A great attitude means everything.
  • 8 Steps to being a better you, a more effective boss and a great leader.
  • Education - Learn something new every day and make it useful to your life. Execution.
  • Discipline - Attitude is the heartbeat of the program and discipline is the foundation.

These steps are applied at an individual or group level and once implemented, these steps will take an office staff or an individual to a level of efficiency they have never before achieved. Imagine having your own Life Coach, Fitness Trainer and Business Coach, all in one package. By the way, the leader of this team is a 20-year United States Marine Officer that has a stellar service record including multiple deployments, two tours of duty in a hostile environment, is leadership qualified and educated in business management. Tony took his leadership style from the barracks to the boardroom and has worked with companies such as Oakley, Pepsi, Harris Teeter, University of Michigan, General Motors, Raytheon, Malibu Rum, featured on FOX television, Discovery Health Channel, E!, Access Hollywood, heard on morning radio shows nationwide, Loveline with Dr. Drew and seen in magazines such as Time, Vogue, TV Guide, People, Playboy, US magazine, OZ Fitness and more. You can see why Tony and his team could make a difference for you and your team.

Do you LEAD people or manage problems?
Is your staff “doing the work” or getting the job done right?
Business is about people and relationships,
not machines and equipment.

It is not an accident that when FOX television was looking for a Few Good Men for their TV shows Boot Camp and Celebrity Boot Camp and The Discovery Health channel’s Could You Survive wanted a team to come in and change people’s lives in the area of Brain, Body and Business, they called up the Motova8 Team. Tony’s time-tested system is similar to what makes our military structure work so well, but he incorporates a dynamic personality that makes people want to do better and want to win.

When a person needs assistance they call 911.
When a country needs assistance they call in the Marines.
When business needs assistance they call in Team Motova8.

Although we have the background and ability to put people through boot camp, that is not what we do all the time. In fact, other than our featured major network television programs, we bring the wisdom and structure of all the things we do well as Marines to you without the screaming. Is it intense? Yes but in a completely different way by explaining, demonstrating and building a better method of doing business.

Every program is custom designed for you or your business based on the 8-step process. We have never created two programs alike because there are no two businesses or people that are exactly alike.


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