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Become a military-grade leader!

When you engage MOTOVA8, you will discover that we are leaders in coaching and developing leaders. Our position is that if you want to be a better leader, you need a coach who has successfully been where you want to go in the leadership arena.

Our coaches are not only successful leaders, but we approach the subject from a practical standpoint learning from leadership action: our boots have been on the ground. Our mission is to influence you to be the best leader you can be in the real world. This action-based approach makes you an active leader that drives outstanding results.

We do not train you; we develop you, turning you from a thought leader into an action leader. Our clients learn how to make effective decisions in a timely manner under pressure.

Facts about our organization and team:

Size: MOTOVA8 is right-sized for our mission, big enough to meet your growing needs and small enough to provide customized personal service.

Experience: We have both breadth and depth with many years of successful leadership in military, corporate, and entrepreneurial organizations. Our “certification” is our success.

Responsiveness: Accessible and plugged in at all times. We are there when you need us to be there.

Our target: Organizational and entrepreneurial leaders who want to become the best they can be.

Examples of Topics Covered and Techniques Used in our coaching.

  • Useful truth-based 360 reviews that will assist you in knowing what you look like from below, from the side, and from above, and more importantly, great guidance in how to use the information gathered to be a better leader.
  • Micromanagement Crushing. We deeply understand and can explain to clients the huge differences between leadership and management.
  • We help you deploy a Dynamic Decision-Making process that will improve both the speed and quality of how you get things done.
  • Commander’s Intent. Our clients learn how to understand what “The  Boss” wants and know that sometimes it means doing something when no instructions are given.
  • Follow-up process. We don’t coach you and leave you. Based on our “Marine For Life” and “No Man Left Behind” training, we understand that significant positive behavioral change takes time and is sometimes a crooked path where corrections are needed along the way.

Our senior leader programs will move you from Functional Leader to Enterprise Leader. We can move you past the point where doing more of the same thing is no longer an effective plan.

Next Step

Leadership development is what we live, not just what we do. We want you to be that way too. Getting that done takes more than a curriculum and a certificate. It is hard work. Our fundamentals were planted in 1775: Adapt, improvise, and overcome. We have added the best of current leadership development strategy and tactics.

Make the decision to face your leadership future armed with the best of the past and present, and give us a call. We will not only help you chart your leadership future, but we will also give you a reason to make the positive changes required.

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